When referenced within the Elite Tool, LLC purchase order by type of purchase below, the supplier must comply with these requirements.

The subcontractor is responsible for compliance with all applicable paragraphs listed below in the fulfillment of this contract, as well as the flow-down of requirements to sub-suppliers. Any deviations shall be submitted in writing to the purchasing agent prior to delivery of product.

General Requirements:

Unless otherwise noted, all specifications and standards listed as part of this purchase order shall be the latest revision in effect at the time the purchase order was issued. In the event a military standard is superseded or canceled, the superseding document should be used. If no superseding document exists the latest revision prior to cancellation should be used.

Changes to the quality management system that could affect the quality of products or services provided shall be promptly reported to the purchasing agent. Direct any questions regarding this purchase order to the purchasing agent.

All vendors and subcontractors must follow Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines and adhere to Executive Order 11246.

1)  Quality Management System – The subcontractor shall have adequate procedures, processes, qualified personnel, and equipment required to produce and verify the product to all contract requirements, applicable standards, and key characteristics. The subcontractor shall also have systems in place to flow down the requirements noted in the contract to their sub-tier suppliers. The subcontractor and their sub-suppliers shall have available a current indexed copy of all quality system documentation in the English language.

2) Certificate of Conformance – A Certificate of Conformance with a statement of compliance to all contract requirements and applicable standards must accompany each shipment written in the English language. The certificate must also state the following information: P.O. Number, Part Number & Revision, Quantity in Shipment, Date, and Authorized Signature. The subcontractor and their subcontractors shall provide material and process certifications if the subcontractor is responsible for procurement of material and/or processes.

3) First Article Inspection – A First Article Inspection (FAI) with material and processing certifications is required for all subcontracted items used in finished product sold to Aerospace & Defense Contractors. In the event of a major process change or product drawing revision a new FAI must be submitted. Contracts with exception are; standard catalog items, raw material, or products certified to a military or industrial standard.

4) Nonconforming Product – The subcontractor and their suppliers shall have a system in place for the timely reporting of product determined to be nonconforming after delivery that may affect reliability or safety. The subcontractor and their suppliers shall also have a system in place to report and obtain approval for nonconforming material disposition.

5) Corrective Action – The subcontractor and their suppliers shall have a system in place to take action to eliminate the root cause of a nonconformance when it is determined the supplier or their sub-supplier is responsible for the nonconformance. The supplier shall also take appropriate actions where timely and/or effective corrective actions have not been achieved and determine if additional nonconforming product exists.

6) Subcontracting Orders – The supplier shall not subcontract this order to other suppliers without specific approval from Elite Tool. When subcontracting is approved by Elite Tool, the supplier shall flow down all applicable requirements.

7) Right of Access – The buyer and their customers retain the right of access to all facilities and records involved in the development and fabrication of product purchased through this contract.

8) Raw Materials – Raw material substitutions are prohibited without approval from the purchasing agent before shipment. Raw material must not be re-certified with respect to thickness, diameter, width, cross sectional area, or product form. Machining or cutting of thicker product or other product forms shall not be supplied in lieu of specified product unless specifically authorized by buyer. Raw material certifications for material or parts shall reflect the form and size of the raw material as originally manufactured by the raw material producer.

9) Domestic Specialty Metals – The supplier and their sub-suppliers shall comply with DFAR 252.7014 & Alternate-I, in purchasing and use of certain alloy steels; titanium, and zirconium listed in this specification.

10) Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention – The subcontractor shall maintain a FOD control program to prevent foreign objects from entering and remaining in delivered items.

11) Shelf Life – Items with limited shelf life shall be supplied with documentation indicating the data of manufacture and expiration date. All limited shelf life product shall be supplied with a minimum of 85% of the shelf life remaining.

12) Electrostatic Discharge Control – The subcontractor is responsible for assuring product sensitive to electrostatic discharge is handled and packaged in accordance with DOD- STD-1686 and DOD-HDBK-263, Class 2.

13) Record Retention – All records generated as a result this contract shall be retained at the supplier’s and their sub-supplier’s facility for at least 7 years.

14) ITAR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS– Seller shall comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulation §122. 1, Registration requirements.

15) IDS Terms and Conditions Guide Q011S – The subcontractor is responsible for assuring all IDS Terms and Conditions Are Met. Located At: http://www.boeingsuppliers.com/clauses/clauses.html

QF-742-01 Revision 04/25/13